Sex crime MUST be taken less seriously for society to progress.


There truly is a crisis in most modern western cultures. Currently, if you asked those that support the #metoo campaign, it’s that sexual violence and misconduct against women (and children) is rampant and horrifyingly damaging. However, the reality is that, from a social viewpoint, people just need to not take sex crimes so seriously.

So where am I coming from? I want to point out that I do not think they should be ignored or acceptable. I believe sex crimes should be seen similarly to physical crimes. Violations against another person’s body. However, overreacting to… well anything can have serious social implications.

Humans are social animals, most people know this. We can be socialized to believe many things, to feel a certain way about something, to desire various objects etc. Psychologists (unethically) instilled a fear of small furry objects into a little boy that remained as the boy grew into a man. The mind is strong but the mind is malleable. It is important to note that females, in general, are more susceptible to social influence, males not as much. Though both are susceptible.

Humans are resilient. Everyone suffers and almost everyone overcomes suffering. Humans have remarkable resilience, both physical and mental resilience. Mental and physical resilience are malleable though. I will focus on mental. First, obviously, the more suffering the more a person’s mental resilience will weaken. Second, socialization. As I noted above, a young boy had a fear of furry objects instilled in him. Let’s fast forward 20 years. A man wearing fuzzy gloves punches him in the face. Now, for most of us, the fuzzy gloves would mean little, for this man though, with his instilled fear of fuzzy objects, this attack would be worse and reinforce his irrational fear. If he was attacked with bare hands he would likely suffer less psychologically.

Most modern western cultures instill an extreme fear of sexual assault which at first was only instilled in females but has been increasingly instilled in males. What this does is vastly increase harm from actual sex crimes as well as creates harm where none would exist. Things as minor as unwanted boob grabs cause extreme stress and even sexual encounters that were reluctantly taken part in suddenly become harmful and damaging weeks or even years later.

“”That’s when I just pushed the door open and freaked out”… …it took her a few moments to realize the extent of what had happened”

So what happened to her? Some guy patted her butt a few times without permission. This is not something to freak out over, this is not something worthy of saying “realizing the extent”. Someone made physical contact with a bunch of fat and skin covered by clothing. The only rational response is, “don’t touch me there again” or “stay away from me” or something to that effect. If such an action freaks you out then you have been socialized poorly. Socialized into a weakened state. There is nothing objectively terrible about that situation. It is bad, yes, it is disrespectful, yes, but it also isn’t a big deal.

I’ve had guys grab my penis in clubs. I laughed, I thought it was funny, I did not consent, I am not a homosexual, but what is the big deal objectively? I told the guy “relax, don’t grab my dick” and chuckled to myself and he drunkingly complimented me and I told him I don’t swing that way then he left me alone. Nothing of note really happened. Continued pestering would increase how “bad” the situation was and if it bordered on harassment it would be worse, but again this is something that would ruin one’s night or weekend, not years of their life. Nuance has been lost.

Strong women do not break because something sexual happened to them that was uncomfortable or unwanted. However, modern cultures seem to push the narrative that strong women are perpetual victims. That strong women aren’t emotionally strong enough or mentally sound enough to make their own decisions regarding sex and having sex in exchange for something be it a role in a movie, money or power. I reject the narrative of modern cultures because I know women (and men) can be strong.

Notice how I wrote, “and men”. Why? Men are now being socialized into perpetual victim-hood as well. Into a mindset where specific kinds of violations are seen as substantially worse. Terry Cruz recently showed this. A huge, strong black male broken because some guy grabbed his penis without permission then later apologized. None of this makes any objective sense. Humans, the same humans that have survived concentration camps, the worst of weather conditions, chattel slavery, starvation, horrid disease, etc. etc. are broken because someone grabbed their penis one time without permission through clothing.

We have created a culture of brittle humans. This is not natural.

When I was a child, my aunt forcefully put lotion all over my penis, and I am very sure it was because she wanted to jerk me off for a few moments. I had a rash on my thighs from the beach. I told her and she said “oh I will put lotion on it”. I said “no it’s okay it’s in my underwear I’ll do it”. She said “don’t be silly I am your aunt!” She pulled my pants down and rubbed it on the affected area but also all over my penis while pulling a few times. “There you go cutie” she said, gave me a kiss, and left. My rash felt much better and I thought to myself “huh I guess she wanted to touch my penis” and I went about my entire life not caring. I am still very close to that aunt.

Sure, she may have gotten a little wet from jerking my penis, but why the hell should I have cared beyond “she should respect my wishes and not touch me when I don’t want her to and where I don’t want her to”? As an experiment I posted this story on various forums and websites years ago. Overwhelmingly I was told I was abused and should see a therapist and that I had rationalized that it wasn’t harmful. That the harm was locked away inside me.

Do you see what people do? Children naturally aren’t bothered too much when something that isn’t painful is done against their will. It is wrong, it shouldn’t happen, but it isn’t the end of the world. Oh but you say this is because I am male! Wrong.

My cousin had an issue with an older boy sliding his hand in her pants and sliding his finger between her labia when she was about 11, he was 13. She didn’t want him to do it, told him off but he did it again then she slapped him. This got them in trouble and eventually he was suspended when the full story came out. She went to see a therapist. I remember her complaining to me that it wasn’t a big deal, she just didn’t want him to do it. She liked another boy. She said the therapist kept insisting they had to work through her trauma, yet she felt fine because it had stopped.

What the boy did was wrong, he needed to stop and be dealt with, but she was fine, nothing serious happened. Her brain naturally didn’t care. However, our culture insists we must all care and care so strongly that we break the minds of people for the sake of this moral system we have built up. Humans do not naturally find sexual crimes as worse than any other violation. We have socialized this attitude and we foster it. It grows and festers and we are stuck with a broken culture.

Sex crimes need to be taken less seriously socially. There is absolutely no reason a person should feel more harmed by a sexual assault than a physical assault. I firmly believe we need to change this attitude otherwise conflict between the genders and other problems with only get worse.

In my next blog I will post what I think the cause of all this is. I mostly blame men, conservatives and modern feminism.




13 thoughts on “Sex crime MUST be taken less seriously for society to progress.

  1. This is a good post. Your humanity really shines through in it. The whole worldview of victimology should be de-legitimized, and however you do it — through scathing mockery or through thoughtful considerion of the issue at large — it’s good that it’s done.


    1. Thanks. I find it very frustrating. I mean, I have a relative who lost their brother when he was 19 and she was 25. It was a tragic and unexpected loss. She would try to use incense to calm herself shortly after the death. Now she gets anxiety if she smells incense years later because she associates it to the death. Then I read about a girl who was abused, the smell of some spray that was used in the room during the abuse makes her have anxiety attacks now years later. She was fondled without consent. I am sorry, the two are no where near each other in severity. This topic frustrates me and that is why I like blogs like yours. As extreme as it is, our culture needs to counter balance.

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      1. When I was a kid, for a span of eight years (I assume), I kissed a related adult on the lips, showered together with him and was tickled by him in the privates (which made me laugh for several minutes). At age six, I finally got a grasp of reading and began to read everything in sight, including his sexual education manuals. I learned about regular coitus, pregnancy, contraception and STDs. He never hid those things from me, but never actively showed me, preferring to leave the books somewhere I could reach. He never cared when I touched myself around him and I would sometimes have little to no clothing when that happened. He would also help me with homework, take me to places and answer to my questions politely, no matter what I had to ask. Few times we shared a bed. I never touched him nor he ever asked me to. The contacts ended when he divorced. I can’t remember when they began, but I know they ended when I turned nine. I did not see any of that as sexual, but just affectionate. Still regard the contacts as positive and I don’t think they had a negative impact on my adult life. I told this experience to few friends from United States and elsewhere and only one of them told me that I was supposed to hate the adult who molested me. I told him to stop being so American, because those contacts were common place in my country when I was a child. I doubt that there’s a single man of my age, in my region, who didn’t have those contacts as a child, be it with an adult or another child. They were accepted, I think, because it wasn’t seen as sexual nor a violation of “innocence”. So much that those contacts only became “always rape” in 2009, when the new rape law passed. Since 2009, all libidinous acts with a person under age 14, in Brazil, are violent by definition (rape) and punished with up to 15 years of jail time. The law also applies to situations involving two children, not only adult and child. Before, the judge would rule if the act was violent or not. If not, it would be allowed to continue. The law only changed due to pressure from United Nations and our local Protestant lobby, which also stopped a recent attempt at lowering our age of consent to 12. Is all.

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      2. Fascinating and it really shows that there is absolutely no problem with such affection. We know that even if it was sexual for him then it still wouldn’t be a problem.

        The United Nations brow beats most countries into adopting western moral systems, especially in regards to child sexuality and adult/child sexual relations. Their “Rights of the Child” nonsense is just to give states more power over the people and individuals.

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      3. They want to end our Military Police. If the meetings happened at Rocinha, they would think otherwise. From what I know, the UN is supposed to care for world peace. I don’t know how sexual repression is going to have a positive effect on that. Plus, they do a terrible job at caring for world peace. It’s just like you said: it’s a cultural imperalism device, following orders by US and UK. That makes Jehovah’s witnesses not look so insane.

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      4. Germany as well. I agree, the UN is more about forcing western cultural beliefs down the throats of cultures that stray from the path.

        I do not believe world peace can come from a large globalist organization, especially one that is more concerned with dictating moral values.


  2. Funny how you say you’re against illegal activity, isn’t pedo sexuality considered illeagal? How does a child who’s brain hasn’t fully been developed and still doesn’t know how to make decisions like an adult be subject to this? No child should ever have to suffer like this. This is sick and twisted. And who ever ingages in pedo sexuality will be found and reported to the police.


    1. I am against breaking the law by being sexual with a child mainly because of how other people will react if the relationship is found out. However, I am for changing the law and changing societal perception. Being a pedophile is not illegal in and of itself and in my country advocating for changing laws and attitudes regarding adult/child sexual relations is not illegal either.

      As for your comment, you make a lot of assumptions that are not very well grounded. I will respond to some of your points and I hope you respond back.

      “How does a child who’s brain hasn’t fully been developed…”

      Please explain how full brain development is required for sexual pleasure. If this is true, how come sexual pleasure is okay when done with a peer or by themselves? What happens that makes brain development relevant if someone a certain amount of years older is involved?

      “…still doesn’t know how to make decisions like an adult be subject to this?”

      Of course I have never advocated for a free for all. First off the adult involved would be liable if anything harmful happened such as physical damage/pain, disease spreading or unwanted pregnancy. Not to mention, I have advocated that parents and guardians should have the ultimate say in conjunction with the opinions of the child. Just like anything a child does, the adults involved are responsible and their guardians guard them.

      “No child should ever have to suffer like this.”

      Suffer like what? You can’t just make vague claims like that.

      “This is sick and twisted.”

      Interracial relations and homosexual relations were often called that as well. You need more than just vague insults here to back your opinions.

      “And who ever ingages in pedo sexuality will be found and reported to the police.”

      If you mean engages in sexual relations with children then do not worry, I do not engage in such relations.


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