Teenage girls want relationships with older men, but we have to say no. Why?


An anonymous individual named “hfghf” asked my opinion on this article: http://metro.co.uk/2017/10/27/teenage-girls-want-relationships-with-older-men-thats-why-its-their-responsibility-to-say-no-7032490/amp/

In it, the author admits teen girls like older men, but comes to near insane conclusions as to why and demands that men must say no (and continue to seek relationships with older females, I wonder why….nothing to do with her age being around the 30s….)

Anyway, first read the article and if you are so inclined, you can read DailyAntiFeminists response here: https://dailyantifeminist.wordpress.com/2018/01/22/puritanism-feminisms-inherently-infantilizing-worldview-exemplified-by-an-article-i-was-just-linked-to/

Here is my breakdown:

I might not like it, you might like it, and we might all wish that is wasn’t true, but the thing is, teenage girls do fancy older men. They do desire them.

They do indeed. In fact, females in general like older males. From preteens to adults. There are biological reasons for this. Girls mature faster, girls seek stability and power, etc. Females aren’t driven only by these factors, but they play a bigger role for females than for males. However, females must also be raised to differentiate between abusive asshole cockiness with actual confidence and “manliness”. Just like males need to differentiate between trashy cheater and attractive sexualness in females. We both have to embrace our natural instincts but be wary of them.

When we pretend that teenage girls don’t have a sexual identity, or that they don’t ever find older men attractive, we ignore the problem. When we ignore the problem, we allow it to flourish.

What is the problem? She never quite articulates it and it boils down to “I don’t like men going for younger girls because I lose power in the sexual marketplace”.

I attended an all girl Catholic boarding school where there was, as you can imagine, sweet FA in terms of male attention to be had. I had always assumed that man-drought was the reason that most of us developed a passionate crush on a teacher at some point in our school career.

But having spoken to women who were raised in slightly less bizarre circumstances, I’ve revised that assumption. It’s not just girls who go to school in the middle of nowhere with no boys to flirt with who form passionate romantic obsessions with male teachers.

It happens at every school, in every town, all over the world.

I am so far impressed by her willingness to see the truth and be honest about this. Sadly she will go and adjust this information to fit with her current world views. Refusing to take this information and adjust her world views, which is what she should have done.

Don’t we all have that friend who dated an ‘older’ guy when she was at school? I have more stories than I can count of sneaking out of school to meet up with men in their twenties and thirties so that we could drive around in his car drinking the alcohol he’d brought us and sneaking an illicit cigarette.

Here it comes, when I read this part I knew she was going to go into the whole “they aren’t really attracted to the man, they just like feeling like “adults”. I picked it up right away because this is a common argument. That being said, there is some truth to this, but I will expand further later.

When you’re a teenager it doesn’t take much to make you feel sophisticated. Drinking, smoking and the ability to drive feel like the trifecta of adulthood, and if you’ve got even two of the three, you’re impressive.

I knew it, she goes right into being logical to being irrational. Thing is, she doesn’t quite seem to either remember her desires or actually bother to ask teen girls their desires. I have relatives who are 10-14 and they are horny little nymphs. Talking about wanting to deepthroat, sharing pictures of shirtless attractive men (yes men) and photoshopping themselves with those men and saying things like “yummy” and “delicious”, and yes, being attracted to more powerful older men too (but note that those powerful men are still conventionally attractive).  Those relatives’ friends have expressed interest in me as well. Laying down subtle brags about their sexual prowess and experiences. Trying to convince me of their maturity. In fact, I believe my refusal to engage in sexual relations drives them even crazier. Which is ironic, because it does not alleviate their desires, only time does that. Still, being constantly blueballed is preferable to being anally reamed in prison.

Dating a teenager is a particularly intoxicating opportunity for men who struggle with women their own age. The benefit of being an older man is that you’re able to attract more conventionally attractive girls.

Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha *takes deep breath* ahahahahahahahahahaha

Here comes her modern feminist drivel to the extreme. “Men that go for younger girls can’t get older mature women (like me)!!!” Come off it babe. The reason men like me and men in general don’t want older women comes down to two main reasons:

  1. I am biologically attracted to preteens for the most part. Teens still retain much of that preteen attractiveness for me. They have a great combination of adult characteristics and preteen characteristics. Though I prefer preteen. Notice though that shaven women, with flawless skin and big eyes are desirable in our culture. Basically women that look like children with breasts and a buttocks. Basically teens. Teenage females are the most attractive females to most men. So men like me are just not that attracted to adult females for biological reasons and men in general are more attracted to the youthful vitality of teenage females.
  2. Many adult women these days are just insufferable. They live in a society that props them up as near gods and removes much of their responsibility when they are nasty or awful and excuse it as being ” an independent women”. To be fair, many men are intimidated by actual independent women, so the situation is swampy. This one I can’t just blame females for. Look at the author of this article. She is using the law and social manipulation to make men go for women like her. She is not going to change her personality because to her, nothing is wrong. Every man is wrong and those teen girls are wrong. Everyone but her. That attitude destroys any arousal I have for many adult females.

A younger woman will look up to you. She’ll listen to you. She’ll see you as wordly, she’ll see you as impressive. If you tell her she’s ‘mature’ for her age, she’ll believe you.

Rebecca I find it amusing you presume to know exactly why I am attracted to young females. No, it isn’t because she fawns for me as some kind of big daddy. It is because she is vibrant, she has the zest for life, she is fun loving, she wants to explore and play (sorry my pedophilia is leaking into my explanation) and she is not yet a god danged harpy. I also prefer perky breasts and a perky bottom. Youthful features that, again, relate back to my pedophilia but also express health and vitality.

Now don’t mistake me, I do not think that females should be giving birth in their teens, but they should have children by the late twenties at the latest. So let’s say I date a girl of 16, when I am in my early-mid thirties she will be early twenties and it would be perfect. She would have her degree and I would have a career already built and going. Stability, maturity and a backup plan. We would both be at the ages that the decline really begins.

Even a small age gap – mid teens to early twenties, still carries this kind of imbalance. The vast majority of men would never want to accidentally take advantage of a younger woman. When it happens it’s not motivated my malice or designed to be predatory. It’s because they don’t realise that they’re acting from a position of power.

Here it comes, the argument that “any power imbalance implies abuse”. First, females are attracted to power, so she is suddenly making the argument that females are attracted to abuse. Suddenly she is supporting my friend, DailyAntiFeminist’s, viewpoint that rape should be legal. If women are attracted to abuses of power then they would be attracted to the most ultimate abuses of power.

In my opinion however, being attracted to power is normal for both sexes and especially females. When it actually becomes abusive is when that power is wielded to obtain sex or whatever. Sorry Rebecca, but your argument is garbage. Power imbalances exist in every relationship and often constantly shift. For instance, in modern society, the underage teen female holds all the power. One mention of the relationship gets the male sent to prison and the teen endless amounts of attention. Teen females hold all the power, but people like you, Rebecca, want to convince them they are powerless. Modern feminism is about creating victims and making women weak. You are an insult to the real feminists who fought for property rights and responsibilities.

I draw a line in my head between the older men I fancied at a teenager who resolutely refused to engage with it, and those who indulged it or even courted it. There were teachers who let me embarrass myself with clumsy childish flirting but never encouraged me for a second. I feel intensely grateful to them now. I would have done literally anything that they wanted.

There were also people who weren’t so scrupulous. A boss who groped me whenever he could. Older men at parties who made comments about my body or came on to me. I remember them too. And I wish they’d known that I didn’t fancy them because they were interesting or attractive, but because they seemed powerful to me.

It sounds more like you specifically had daddy issues and you are projecting your daddy issues on all teen females that like older males. How you feel now is also not some logical conclusion, it is how you feel or rather, how you convinced yourself to feel. You have been overtaken by the cult of victimhood. Your sexual advances and adventures you now view as abuse. You have went from viewing yourself as an adventurer in the sexual realm to one abused by manipulative men. You inadvertently argue that females can’t be trusted to make their own decisions because they will regret it because they are weak minded. In fact, that is what this whole #metoo movement does. Look at these women who were with Franco or Aziz. They were grown women and they are making the arguments you make for teens. So Rebecca, when can women be trusted to make their own decisions? Never it seems. Well I refuse to believe that, which may be a fault of mine, but I refuse to believe females are incapable of being independent at any age. I see women as capable of power. I also feel the problem lies in how this culture raises females. In a near schizophrenic fashion. That’s a post for another day though.

They weren’t powerful. They were sad men who were dazzled by youngness and flattered by my attention. They didn’t pause to think about the fact that I would remember how they ran their hands over my body or asked me if I was ‘still a virgin’.

Blah blah blah. You know it made you wet as a young female but you have forced a victim status on yourself to fit your current mental schema. Now if these men did it without your want (you use terms like “grope” and make the men seem creepy and not romantic) then your argument really is null and void because it wouldn’t make sense, but I think you are using these words to further convince yourself when deep down you know you enjoyed it and know you had no problem with exploring your sexuality in such a way.

I just wish that for once the older man would brush her off and encourage her to go off and find someone a little closer to her age to explore with, at least until she reaches the status of a legal adult.

She defeats her own argument with this last line. Why Rebecca? What is the difference? Why can’t you explore with an older person or both a young person and maybe another time an older one? What is the science, show me the research, the logic. Especially for teen girls. This reeks of social brainwashing and nothing more.

The brainwashing process.


I came across an article today that will make it easy for me to detail how people are brainwashed into believing they were abused and made to hate someone they loved. I will be quoting parts of the article and responding to them. Here is the whole article so you can read it yourself: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article195924234.html

She was a Catholic high school girl who had yet to have her first kiss… …and she was just 16.

This is not normal. To be sixteen and not have even the smallest of sexual experiences is unhealthy for one’s mental health. Sexuality is an innate part of a human being from birth. To be past puberty and not have even kissed someone one is attracted to is not healthy.

“I thought we had a great love and the age didn’t matter, and no one could possibly understand,” Boone, now 21, said of the man she knew as Coach Mike.

As a teenager, you knew the truth. You both had love together, age does not matter and people did not understand. This is why you were brainwashed, because people refused to understand the love you and you coach shared. The brainwashing has made you believe you were wrong as a teen, regardless of your feelings. That is the source of your anxiety, depression and mental health issues. Not the loving relationship you shared.

In reality, Michael Martis was “grooming” her to become his sexual partner…

Ah yes, grooming, the nonsensical term used to demonize normal relations between people deemed too young and too old. Grooming can simply be replaced with “building a relationship” in any other context, because that is what grooming actually is. We already have  terms for someone lying to get in the pants of someone else, they are called lying, manipulating, deceiving etc.
She and her siblings attended Catholic schools “for the structure, the rules and the morals…
They were indoctrinated to view sex as a bad thing to be avoided. Another reason she suffers mental health problems now as a young adult.
“He took me under his wing,” she said. “He offered so much encouragement,” and used the game’s joys and tribulations as metaphors for other things, including issues with parents and academics. “I really looked up to him.”
Within a couple of weeks, the two were texting regularly. The communication became more and more personal and continued until the wee hours of the morning.

“At first it was like, ‘What is your favorite color? Your favorite ice cream?’ ” Boone recalled. At one point, Martis texted that he “wished he could go back in time” and be her classmate. Boone was more than flattered. She was developing her first “real” crush.“I was going to an all-girls school, and I hadn’t gotten to the point where I had communicated that way, developed real feelings, or had a first kiss,” she said. “I thought it was the real deal.”Martis told her he “would be honored” to be the first man to kiss her, she said.

This is called a relationship. They started off as coach and student. Through consistent interactions and communications they developed a liking of one another which grew into a love.

At his direction, she said, she deleted all of the texts between them shortly after their conversations ended.

Soon, the two hatched a plan that would allow them to be alone together. Martis would ask her parents for permission to give her private “hitting lessons” once a week during the summer. “We weren’t actually going to hit,” Boone said. “We were going to go back to his house, have breakfast and see what happened.”

This secrecy is the fault of a culture that would (and eventually did) jail this man for a loving relationship and brainwashed this girl for a loving relationship. Perception is key and I am seeing a tragic love story. Not a story of manipulation and abuse.

After the encounter, “I had butterflies,” Boone said. “Growing up, I watched ‘Princess Diaries,’ and butterflies were a good thing.”

Yup, that’s lust, desire, passion, love etc. It was a good thing. There was nothing wrong with it.

After she graduated in 2015, during a summer vacation, Boone’s mother picked up her daughter’s phone and found intimate messages between her and Martis.

Ah the downfall. Mommy and daddy angry their daughter was having sex, and with an older man! Oh no! Now they could use moral based law to ruin this man’s life for making their daughter’s life better. Please notice that during this entire relationship she continued to excel at school and sports. Such relationships enhance the lives of people. She was enthralled with it, not distressed until people insisted she be distressed.

“I ended up confessing,” Boone said, because lying was too stressful. “I told my mom everything, and she totally supported me. She told me it wasn’t my fault, that she was sorry it happened. She kept hugging me. I was crying, and so was she.”

The beginning of the end for this girl’s mental health. Here is where the actual abuse begins. Also this is where you pedophiles who think you can risk a relationship need to pay attention. Your girl will love you and she will agree that everyone is wrong, until the inevitable happens. Her mom overreacting right here. Crying for no reason. Not her fault? She engaged in a consensual relation so she has “responsibility” and she knows it. However, there was nothing wrong about her partaking but here mom is creating a problem.
Her parents urged her to tell authorities about what happened. But at the time, Boone said, “I still had feelings for Mike,” and she was uncertain whether she wanted to press charges against him.
She knew and likely still knows, deep down, that her coach loved her and did not wish her harm. She knew and likely still knows that they had a fun, loving and consensual relationship. Also again note that their relationship would be legal in many parts of the world including most European countries. In many US states it would be legal too. Though some would require he not be her coach for it to be legal.
In the fall, she went to college at the University of San Francisco. Contact stopped between the two of them. Boone said she was paralyzed by guilt and shame, which led her to engage in risky sexual behavior and drink heavily. She became depressed and had nightmares and panic attacks. She dropped out of school.
Now she has people in her ear telling her she was abused. Now she is fighting with herself trying to convince herself she was abused but also fighting it because she loved that man. Now she has an entire culture labeling her a victim of horrible abuse. She is also rejecting her (correct) teen view that it was love and age didn’t matter. Those are the reasons for her mental distress. Not the healthy loving relationship. The psychological community is an embarrassment because it actively creates harm where none should be. Where only benefit should exist.
“I struggled with what had happened to me,” Boone said. “What do I call it? Rape? Child abuse? No word really fit for me,” she said, until a therapist talked about the grooming process.
Aahh here we go. She knew nothing was wrong with it but she had the normal human instinct (and especially for females) to assimilate with the dominant narrative, especially since she was likely raised to do as such (not to fathers of daughters, you must instill in them a resistance to such base instinct because it affects them more than boys, though boys are susceptible too as all social creatures are). To help her justify her new irrational thoughts, the therapist brings up “grooming”. The nonsensical term used to help people cope with hating something they loved and hating someone they loved and may still love. To convince themselves that the person they must now hate is worthy of hate. This never truly works as subconsciously they know the truth. Now shall come a lifetime of mental illness which will be falsely blamed on consensual sexual relations.
St. Francis has made changes to policies and procedures for coaches, Rodgers said. Coaches must follow “clear and consistent boundaries” when interacting with students, the rules read.
The further separating of adults and youth. Which is incredibly damaging to societal fabric. You know who takes advantage of that? The state, but I won’t go down my conspiracy route. Just know that the fear of sexual relations between youth and adults (which naturally happen) forces society to separate youth and adults. This leads to mental illness for youth as well as slowing of maturity.
Boone said she has made it her mission to speak out against “grooming” and sexual misconduct because she wants to educate others. “I don’t want this to happen to anyone else,” she said.
The rest of her life she will remain a victim, not of her coach, but of this sick culture. She will speak out, not out of care for others, but to convince herself that hating this man is right. To convince herself that she was wrong as a teen. She will suffer the rest of her life sadly.

The last time she saw Martis was at his sentencing hearing when the court allowed her to speak about her abuse. “I talked about the fact that he is going to prison for awhile but I’ll be dealing with this for the rest of my life,” she said.

Standing within a few feet of him “was horrible,” she said, but she found the courage to speak about the harm she suffered. “I just wanted him to know what he put me through.”

Dealing with it the rest of your life? See, this goes back to my last blog post about not taking sex crimes so seriously socially (when actual sex crimes occur). No violation even happened here and yet the mantra is “your whole life will be affected”.

Of course it was horrible to stand so close to the man you loved and watch him get destroyed. He put you through nothing and deep down you know it. He loved you, you loved him. You are victim of a culture and system that hates the love you two shared.

Jump mug - MARTIS__MICHAEL__4_1_MSAB83GN_L285140724

I stand by you Martis, you are a victim, just as your young lover is a victim. I stand with Boone too. Martis she still loves you and what happened to both of you is not the fault of either of you. Godspeed to both of you. May you find freedom and may she find peace.

Authoritarians seek to extend “childhood” into the mid-20s in an effort to obtain more control.


Read this article: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/adulthood-now-begins-age-24-say-scientists-200137174.html

I wish I could say this is a joke but it isn’t. We are moving from the “teen brain” to the “adolescent brain” and adolescence is now looking to be extended into the mid-20s.

Too bad adolescence itself is a nonsense concept. For more info you can read this article: http://drrobertepstein.com/pdf/Epstein-THE_MYTH_OF_THE_TEEN_BRAIN-Scientific_American_Mind-4-07.pdf?lbisphpreq=1

Then if you want even more info, read Epstein’s book “Teen 2.0”.

He explains better than I can the myth of the “teen brain”. This applies to this new push to extend adolescence into the 20s.

I will say this. the argument used is often based around frontal lobe development which people claim (after reading pop-science articles) only becomes “fully-developed” at 25. Problem is that isn’t how it works. The frontal lobe stops developing around 25 and begins to decline slowly until death. A person’s decision making ability has less to do with time based brain development and more to do with experience based brain development.

Look at it like this, a child raised in the wilderness will not develop human language. When that child is found as an adult they will never be able to truly develop language, no matter how old they get. The lack of experience and use severely stunted the language parts of the brain. It works similar with the frontal lobe. Our modern culture keeps kids in bubbles. Prevents them from taking real responsibilities or risks. They make no real decisions and their frontal lobe is stimulated minimally, slowing its development and weakening the reasoning abilities of humans. This is why, as Epstein points out, teens from other cultures are often more mature and responsible than young adults of our culture. Those teens are given responsibilities and aren’t treated like toddlers. Now “researchers” and “scientists” want infantilization to apply to young adults. This is insanity.

Why is this being pushed? Control. Suddenly, mandatory public education will extend for four years of “free” college. Further dumbing down out population and indoctrinating people to be even more complacent and accepting of statist control. After all, people are “adolescent” until they hit 25. No doubt the age of consent will raise to, further criminalizing male sexuality and forcing men to only legally being able to go for older women.

This is a largely liberal (as in American liberal) pushed idea. Modern feminism loves this idea as well. As much as I disagree with conservatives, at least they seem opposed to this utter nonsense. Progressiveness is just regressive at this point. Humans are beyond capable at the ages of 12-14. Adults in our culture purposely squander the abilities of young humans. As a pedophile I fight for more than the sexual rights of young humans, but their rights as humans in general.

I will say this: WE ARE LOSING. There is no other way to put it. Pedophile activists, men’s rights activists, youth rights activists, libertarians, anarchists of most flavors, anyone with a love for freedom, true pro-sex advocates, WE ARE LOSING. Ideas like this are gaining ground and the biggest opponents are damned Trump supporters.

EDIT: I want to add some comments from Reddit, which is a largely leftist site (I remember the good old days when Reddit was libertarian and rooted for Ron Paul, now we have modern feminist drivel as an auto-sub in the form of /r/twoxchromosomes)

with 21 upvotes:

Honestly I’m glad this is being said. Science even supports this position as it’s been found out brains aren’t fully matured until 25. I didn’t really have a solid grasp on who I was until 25, and I was living on my own, graduated from college, and owned my own business for a few years at that point.

No, science does NOT support this position. As I mentioned above, the brain ending its growth at around 25 and beginning its decline right after does not mean that a person has gained abilities that were not attainable beforehand. The brain develops largely based on genetics and use. Our society which has removed young people’s freedom is the cause for biological adults having the capabilities of preteens. Your anecdote means nothing.

with 95 upvotes:

Back in the late ’90s, I had an art teacher who told me that no one really has their shit together until they’re at least 25. I wrote her an email when I was 25, because it really was the case. I had floundered through school, couldn’t find a stable job, and had finally gotten the school thing going and a stable job. So I wrote her a letter.

I guess I should write her another one letting her know the British think she’s right too.

Again, your anecdote means nothing. Your whole life the adults who were supposed to guide you and allow you the freedom to make decisions, choices and learn through experience purposely held you back to maintain their moral social structure. Your art teacher is one of the cogs in that system and of course she will support it lest it crumbles and she breaks.

with 85 upvotes:

To be fair, I’m 23 years old and a high school teacher and every day I come in thinking “shit… I feel just like you guys.”

This has nothing to do with you “being” young but with highschoolers actually being of adult age biologically. I am around 30 and I still feel “like” people in their teens. However, I never developed the horribly conceited attitude that I was “superior” because I was an adult. So I get along well with people of all ages. Sadly, society hates that. Divide and conquer and when it comes to age we are terribly divided.

with 100 upvotes:

This has been known for a while. The human brain doesn’t finish developing until 24/25.

It’s been used as an argument against the legalization of weed (or the increase in age restriction) for a couple years now.

More of the same. People read pop science articles about brain development and accepted the conclusion those articles had without actually understanding the science behind it. Also, he brings up a good point but people seemed to not take it seriously, with some agreeing. Creating more age based law. Age based law is good for the state and no one else. The state gains massive control and massive amounts of money through fines. Gave a mixed drink to someone under 21? Thousands of dollars to the state. Just as an example.

with 6 upvotes:

Ever met someone in their early 20’s? Definitely still adolescent.

and with 11 upvotes:

Been saying this for years now. I don’t consider anyone under the age of 25 to be an ‘adult’. 19-25 is ‘adult in training’.

Oh go screw yourselves. Many adults have an undeserved air of superiority about them. This is why, while I may be attracted to some adult women, I often can’t stand being with them. They have that completely undeserved superiority complex over preteens and teens and even young adults and that disgusts me. Completely ruins any little attraction I may have had.

with 11 upvotes:

As a 29 year old who just dated a 22 year old, second. I should have stuck to my 25+ policy. Never again.

Look, exactly what I have been saying. Our culture socializes men to only want old women and to dislike the youthful vigor of a young female. This is a very common view among people my age. Females get mad when I tell them I want a female around 10-15 years younger. They say “ew you want to date a kid?” Well yes, but I tell them “I’d prefer a younger person who isn’t so nasty” and then they get so pissed. One even said “that’s right I am a “NASTY WOMAN”!” Please spare me.

Oh look, a rational comment! Oh it doesn’t have any upvotes:

This is absolutely pathetic. Prof. Sawyer wants 24 year olds to be treat like kids simply because they stay in Uni, hold off on marriage and having a family. These are not reasons to infantilise young adults in their teens, let alone their twenties.

Adolescence does not all of a sudden last from 10-24. We already knew for a long time that we still develop until 25. Having AoC laws set at 25 is the most blindly progressivist thing we can do. Who does it benefit? Not -24s, it doesn’t. We already have young adults that are completely unprepared, churned through Uni and end up wanking over MLP for the best part of their lives. We expect 18 y/os to be adult, rightfully, yet the issue is that 18 is when we begin to let them to grow up. We are already delaying their exposure to reality and experience. This will crate the worst of adults; nobody will ever be accountable, responsible or independent. We will have nothing but quivering bags of nerves that have no experience and will not want experience. It’ll kill skill and professionalism and that’d hurt all industries too.

We need to permit teens to actually grow up and the only way to do that is to permit adulthood sooner, rather than later. Do we even think early teens would be as child-like if we didn’t infantilise them? Even they are, for the most part, far more sufficiently developed than we would ever want to accept. This is a dissenting viewpoint on my part, though, so I don’t expect people would respect my point at all.

While he is wrong on a point or two, his comment is one of the more rational. As he predicted, his opinion wasn’t logically refuted but completely disrespected.

Get ready folks. You have heard how some people say liking 16-18 year old people is pedophilia? That’s gonna bump up to 23-25 year old people.





Sex crime MUST be taken less seriously for society to progress.


There truly is a crisis in most modern western cultures. Currently, if you asked those that support the #metoo campaign, it’s that sexual violence and misconduct against women (and children) is rampant and horrifyingly damaging. However, the reality is that, from a social viewpoint, people just need to not take sex crimes so seriously.

So where am I coming from? I want to point out that I do not think they should be ignored or acceptable. I believe sex crimes should be seen similarly to physical crimes. Violations against another person’s body. However, overreacting to… well anything can have serious social implications.

Humans are social animals, most people know this. We can be socialized to believe many things, to feel a certain way about something, to desire various objects etc. Psychologists (unethically) instilled a fear of small furry objects into a little boy that remained as the boy grew into a man. The mind is strong but the mind is malleable. It is important to note that females, in general, are more susceptible to social influence, males not as much. Though both are susceptible.

Humans are resilient. Everyone suffers and almost everyone overcomes suffering. Humans have remarkable resilience, both physical and mental resilience. Mental and physical resilience are malleable though. I will focus on mental. First, obviously, the more suffering the more a person’s mental resilience will weaken. Second, socialization. As I noted above, a young boy had a fear of furry objects instilled in him. Let’s fast forward 20 years. A man wearing fuzzy gloves punches him in the face. Now, for most of us, the fuzzy gloves would mean little, for this man though, with his instilled fear of fuzzy objects, this attack would be worse and reinforce his irrational fear. If he was attacked with bare hands he would likely suffer less psychologically.

Most modern western cultures instill an extreme fear of sexual assault which at first was only instilled in females but has been increasingly instilled in males. What this does is vastly increase harm from actual sex crimes as well as creates harm where none would exist. Things as minor as unwanted boob grabs cause extreme stress and even sexual encounters that were reluctantly taken part in suddenly become harmful and damaging weeks or even years later.

“”That’s when I just pushed the door open and freaked out”… …it took her a few moments to realize the extent of what had happened”

So what happened to her? Some guy patted her butt a few times without permission. This is not something to freak out over, this is not something worthy of saying “realizing the extent”. Someone made physical contact with a bunch of fat and skin covered by clothing. The only rational response is, “don’t touch me there again” or “stay away from me” or something to that effect. If such an action freaks you out then you have been socialized poorly. Socialized into a weakened state. There is nothing objectively terrible about that situation. It is bad, yes, it is disrespectful, yes, but it also isn’t a big deal.

I’ve had guys grab my penis in clubs. I laughed, I thought it was funny, I did not consent, I am not a homosexual, but what is the big deal objectively? I told the guy “relax, don’t grab my dick” and chuckled to myself and he drunkingly complimented me and I told him I don’t swing that way then he left me alone. Nothing of note really happened. Continued pestering would increase how “bad” the situation was and if it bordered on harassment it would be worse, but again this is something that would ruin one’s night or weekend, not years of their life. Nuance has been lost.

Strong women do not break because something sexual happened to them that was uncomfortable or unwanted. However, modern cultures seem to push the narrative that strong women are perpetual victims. That strong women aren’t emotionally strong enough or mentally sound enough to make their own decisions regarding sex and having sex in exchange for something be it a role in a movie, money or power. I reject the narrative of modern cultures because I know women (and men) can be strong.

Notice how I wrote, “and men”. Why? Men are now being socialized into perpetual victim-hood as well. Into a mindset where specific kinds of violations are seen as substantially worse. Terry Cruz recently showed this. A huge, strong black male broken because some guy grabbed his penis without permission then later apologized. None of this makes any objective sense. Humans, the same humans that have survived concentration camps, the worst of weather conditions, chattel slavery, starvation, horrid disease, etc. etc. are broken because someone grabbed their penis one time without permission through clothing.

We have created a culture of brittle humans. This is not natural.

When I was a child, my aunt forcefully put lotion all over my penis, and I am very sure it was because she wanted to jerk me off for a few moments. I had a rash on my thighs from the beach. I told her and she said “oh I will put lotion on it”. I said “no it’s okay it’s in my underwear I’ll do it”. She said “don’t be silly I am your aunt!” She pulled my pants down and rubbed it on the affected area but also all over my penis while pulling a few times. “There you go cutie” she said, gave me a kiss, and left. My rash felt much better and I thought to myself “huh I guess she wanted to touch my penis” and I went about my entire life not caring. I am still very close to that aunt.

Sure, she may have gotten a little wet from jerking my penis, but why the hell should I have cared beyond “she should respect my wishes and not touch me when I don’t want her to and where I don’t want her to”? As an experiment I posted this story on various forums and websites years ago. Overwhelmingly I was told I was abused and should see a therapist and that I had rationalized that it wasn’t harmful. That the harm was locked away inside me.

Do you see what people do? Children naturally aren’t bothered too much when something that isn’t painful is done against their will. It is wrong, it shouldn’t happen, but it isn’t the end of the world. Oh but you say this is because I am male! Wrong.

My cousin had an issue with an older boy sliding his hand in her pants and sliding his finger between her labia when she was about 11, he was 13. She didn’t want him to do it, told him off but he did it again then she slapped him. This got them in trouble and eventually he was suspended when the full story came out. She went to see a therapist. I remember her complaining to me that it wasn’t a big deal, she just didn’t want him to do it. She liked another boy. She said the therapist kept insisting they had to work through her trauma, yet she felt fine because it had stopped.

What the boy did was wrong, he needed to stop and be dealt with, but she was fine, nothing serious happened. Her brain naturally didn’t care. However, our culture insists we must all care and care so strongly that we break the minds of people for the sake of this moral system we have built up. Humans do not naturally find sexual crimes as worse than any other violation. We have socialized this attitude and we foster it. It grows and festers and we are stuck with a broken culture.

Sex crimes need to be taken less seriously socially. There is absolutely no reason a person should feel more harmed by a sexual assault than a physical assault. I firmly believe we need to change this attitude otherwise conflict between the genders and other problems with only get worse.

In my next blog I will post what I think the cause of all this is. I mostly blame men, conservatives and modern feminism.




Spreading FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt)


Antis love to spread FUD about topics related to pedophiles and child sexuality. This will include child sexual exploration, sexting, child porn, adult/child relations etc. In this post I am going to go over how they do so.

I was browsing Reddit when I saw this link on the front page: http://www.kmov.com/story/37226711/dad-turns-in-teenage-son-after-finding-inappropriate-pictures-on-phone

A father had turned in his son for finding a naked or lewd picture of a two year old relative on it.

First I want to say that turning in your own son for not actually harming anyone is the ultimate boot licking act a person can commit. The article reveals the boy wanted to sell this picture. Now this is not something I agree with, but it is far from a terrible thing. Given the lack of description of the picture, I feel I can safely assume that the picture was tame. Have a serious discussion with your son. Don’t turn him over to the state so simply. Unless he was actually harming the girl.

Now, after reading the article I went to take a look at the reddit comments. I knew they would be crap, but this time they were filled with people lying about being therapists or cops and claiming to have first hand knowledge of child porn or the trauma children face. I want to post some of the comments and respond to them here for educational purposes:

The first three quotes are from the same poster.

“Former internet child exploitation investigator here. There’s an abundance of penetration imagery with infants, toddlers, etc… It may have been acts of digital penetration or more so that made it pornographic.

Additionally, when I built cases and used (rarely) images or videos depicting just a nude child, not engaged in a sexual act, it was usually accompanying dozens of penetration images or videos. Having nude images of a young loved one can be reasonably explained. Incorporating those images or videos into your CP collection changes the game a bit.”

I literally laughed out loud reading this. First he is spreading the lie that merely nude photos are not taken seriously. This is an outright lie. Parents and young people are routinely arrested and charged for merely having nude photos of themselves or other minors. Second, I am quite confident this is just some self hating pedo blue knight who trolls the darknet looking at child porn then runs off to attack other pedophiles because of shame and guilt.

“It’s much worse than I described and I won’t get into that but some people need a lot more than just penetration with an infant to be fully aroused by it. It’s a dark world.”

Oh of course you will say that. See it is easy to spread FUD in this area because no one can independently verify without being arrested. I have read two pieces of research. One was on wikileaks and was unscientific to be fair, another was a quote in a paper by an actual child abuse investigator. Both claimed that hardcore child porn was on the rarer side. Most child porn did not depict hurt or crying children. In fact the agent was surprised when he said he saw kids laughing and smiling. One day if I find those studies again I will post them here. Now add on to that the fact that children and teens regularly create their own child porn with modern tech. It is easy to call this guy a liar.

The last quote from this idiot sealed the deal for me, I knew he was lying.

“Since I never was angry I went into each interview with a counselling mindset and talked with the offenders about how they became the way they were. Most of my suspects really opened up and I, in turn, would do my best to recommend psychological services to the court system when appropriate. I had a 100% confession and conviction rate because, I think, I treated them with respect and dignity when most people, cop or not, wouldn’t.”

100% confession and conviction rate? Please go back to /pol/.

People regularly lie about this topic on the internet and no one calls them out specifically because of the subject matter. If anyone dares call them out they get attacked. People were eating this guy’s crap up. Calling him a hero and giving him reddit gold. Meanwhile he is most likely some /pol/ internet warrior.

“I’m a guy who was constantly sexual harassed by women in my family and asked about how my little man was growing and always being asked to show it to them… I didn’t think anything it was a big deal or that it even bothered me until recently… “

I want everyone to really understand what the anti-pedo hysteria is doing. This guy correctly felt there was nothing wrong with what the women in his family were doing, yet he has now reconceptualized it as abusive. Our society actively damages tens of millions of people with its anti-sex and anti-body hysteria in relation to children. He has now molded his memory of playful humor into sexual harassment. These days it is spreading to males, where before it was only done to females largely.

“People are fucked man. My friend had to have reconstruction surgery when he was a toddler due to what his moms boyfriend did. People say people’s likes or fetishes can’t be helped but if you get off on a fucking two year old there’s something the fuck wrong with you.”

What?! The vast majority of nepis do not want to destroy the child they are attracted to. This would be like acting as if a guy who brutally raped and murdered an adult woman is representative of all heterosexual males.

“Honest question, is being a pedophile more than just a sexual preference? It has to be right? Because as a non-pedophile, straight woman I can be around people I am attracted to and not make a move on them very easily. “

Of course it is! Every single little girlfriend I had and every little girl I hung out with I knew I’d never get to be sexual with (even though many tried to be with me) yet I still loved being with them. It is so sad that people still think pedophilia is a fetish or sick perversion. It is a beautiful multi-faceted attraction.

“There was a NCAAF coach that lost his job because his daughters came out of the shower and told him to start recording a dance they has been practicing, and then someone happened to see that video later. I’ll see if I can find the article.

Oh but Mr. /pol/ officer said no one is arrested just for plain nude photos/videos. You mean he might be a liar!? By the way, reading that article is enraging to say the least. That Hanson fellow (no not Chris Hanson) is absolute scum.

“Yup. My father raised one outstanding kid(my sister) one well meaning slacker (me), and and my brother, a pedophile drug user and dealer, convicted of many crimes ranging from simple assault to vouyerism and check fraud.

My dad is a good man and my brother had every opportunity, just like me and my sister, to build the best life possible. He made different choices and blamed everyone but himself for his shitty life.”

While we are ultimately in control of our own actions, if you don’t see the horrible challenges your brother faces then your father raised three failures, not one.

“Why is reddit obsessed with the sensationalized cases of child porn? I’ve worked with law enforcement on online child exploitation cases, and 95% of them are disgusting horrible cases of abuse. The other 5% are mostly terrible (clear exploitation with an huge age gap) and maybe 1% are cases where it’s just a harmless nude.

Reddit is OBSESSED with this idea that 95% of sex offenders are dudes pissing in public or getting sent pictures of the breasts of a happy consenting girl who is 17 years and 364 days old. That is NOT the reality. That is the sensationalism of news and your own confirmation bias.”

Another “officer” it seems. It’s funny, people really are noticing that child porn laws are nonsense, but the state doesn’t want to lose its easy money and easy avenue to convince people to give up privacy and freedom. I find it funny he thinks the media screaming about horrific child rape is not sensationalism but people being mad that child porn is mostly teens sexting is sensationalism. The state is a leviathan. Child porn is an easy way for it to give itself power and take it away from the people.

“Don’t kid yourself, there’s plenty of 40 year old paedos on here too. Just say the word ephebophile and they appear as if summoned.”

Reddit users pride themselves for being “proscience”. They attack Trump as antiscience, scream to high heaven about science this and that. However, if you dare point out the HUGE difference between being attracted to preteens and teens they call you a pedo apologist and say there is no difference. Humans. Are. Stupid.

“I’m too afraid to imagine what qualifies as a pornographic image of a 2 year old”

Be very afraid, an image of a 2 year old smiled and spreading their cheeks would be considered pornographic. OH THE HORROR!


Okay I am finished.


I fought the law and the law won.


Just kidding, kind of.

So you may have noticed I vanished for a month. Completely failing to write about the topics I promised I’d write about, sorry for that!

I had a run in with the law and no, it had absolutely nothing to do with pedophilia, children or sex. It was a false accusation. I was blamed for a property based crime because I was at the wrong place at the wrong time by chance. Annoyances and hefty lawyer fees ensued. I am fine now my friends. My record remains spotless. I wasn’t even arrested or anything, still this happened while I was switching jobs and during the holiday season, I was quite distracted.

So let’s see what I promised to write about,

I plan on doing another point by point response post to a video. In particular, the video with Ranthony and Amos Yee, similar to how I did my response to Weebo Jones. I will be responding to points by bothe Amos and Ranthony.

I also plan on doing my post about situations I have been in where little girls tried to initiate sexual play with me (again, that I refused).

A third I plan on doing is a post about the fact that I am going to actively try to lose my virginity with a legal aged female and just in general become more sexually active with legal aged females.

For a fourth, it would be a discussion about all the dangerous activities we allow children to partake in and why sexual activities are much less dangerous when compared to many of those activities overall.

I will randomly do posts responding to articles or comments I have read online. Those will be sprinkled in randomly. Same with topics that happen to be last minute, such as my one about coming out of the toybox.

I don’t know if I am going to respond to the Amos and Ranthony debate. At this point I need to catch up on anything that has happened over the last month and frankly, I am just not as motivated to make such a blog at the moment. I’d rather write about other stuff.

I still plan on writing about the little girls in my life that have tried initiating sexual contact.

I will likely write about my reluctant adventures into trying to have sexual relations with, ew, adult females. Okay, not so “ew” that I couldn’t do it but I do want a family. So I need to work on that.

I still plan on writing about all the dangerous activities children partake in and comparing them to sexual activities.

I will also still randomly post about something that has piqued my interest, for example, Adam Lanza and the pedophilia related topics that he spoke about and in general a discussion about pedophiles, suicide and killing and how social pressures push the weaker minded in those directions. It isn’t even fair to say “weaker minded” but whatever I will write about it.




A bit about how I view and interact with a little girl I like.


I will admit to having a small case of arrested development. I am completely capable of behaving like what our culture calls an “adult”. I have a post graduate degree, I have a good job, I have friends near my age and older that I regularly socialize with. I have hobbies that are socially acceptable for an adult. I enjoy this socialization and I enjoy those hobbies, yet nothing compares to being with children and partaking in “child” activities. What this may be is not arrested development, but just part of being a pedophile. Since I am otherwise “normal”.

Regardless, there is a stereotype about pedophiles, that we manipulate, trick and force children to be sexual with us. Not only this, but we “groom” them just to make them like us. Nothing we do is genuine in the eyes of society. It’s all so we can molest or rape a child. I know all of my readers are likely supporters or pedophiles themselves, so I am mostly preaching to the choir, but this post is for the open minded curious individual. I am willing to give you a description of how this pedophile views children and how he interacts with them. I will be giving my thoughts and feelings and intentions.

Attraction is more than sexual, this is what separates pedophiles from child fetishists. The child fetishist has a fetish, for child-like bodies, the taboo, ruining “innocence”, etc. The child fetishist is not a bad person by default, but it is my opinion that they are more likely to be an abuser than a pedophile. The fetishist is only interested sexually, the fetishist may be horribly annoyed by actual children. The pedophile has an attraction. They are interested sexually, but also emotionally and romantically.

Let me explain how this paedosexual (triggering modern LGBTQs with that word) feels while interacting with a child he is attracted to and what he is thinking by giving you a recent example from his life.

So there is a girl I met recently. I have seen her a total of four times in about a month and each of those times I was with her for 3-5 hours. I really like her and she really likes me. The first day we met I felt that she was very attractive. She is about six, long brown hair, big brown eyes, cute lips, and a very pretty face. I was very interested in getting to know her.

So I started like I usually do, engaging in small talk. People think kids are so simple or dumb but they really aren’t. She was engaging and she talked about what she liked to do and her favorite foods, what music she liked, things she did on vacation, the contents of her dad’s favorite sandwiches haha she talked about what she liked and didn’t like about school, her favorite teachers and her least favorite.

I wasn’t just listening. She would ask me questions too. One question stuck with me and it was eye opening. She asked if I really liked kids. I told her that I of course liked kids. She responded that it doesn’t seem like a lot of adults like kids and they fake it. It was sad. I think maybe she has some nasty adults in her life or she feels that adults, such as her teachers, are very conditional with their liking of the kids in their classes. I may also be over thinking it, I will readily admit that.

She’s very cool and friendly, I enjoy her company and as time passed I noticed she would just stare at me and smile so I would give her a big smile back.  She likes to hold my hand all the time and sit on my lap and snuggle up. Please notice one thing, I haven’t even thought of turning any of these situations into sexual situations. She wants to be close and she really likes me (she says “I love you” though). Yet she has not done anything to indicate an interest in my genitals or me being involved with hers. Now, I have no doubt she will eventually attempt to initiate. This has happened with most girls I get close with. Those situations I will explain in another post though, and as a necessary disclaimer, I redirect all such advances. I do not break the law.

I do not spend time with little girls with the goal of getting in their pants. I like spending time with them. I know that I won’t ever be sexual with them, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying time with them, making them feel happy and having a romantic and emotional and physical (but not sexual) connection. They enjoy this time with me as well, I have absolutely no interest in making a girl hang out with me if she doesn’t enjoy my company. I do not impose myself, I allow them all the control. It is they who beg for me to come over or beg to come to my house.

This girl drew a picture for me the last time we hung out. I greatly appreciate these gifts and treasure them. I promised I’d get her something small as a gift back. She said I didn’t have to but I really want to. That’s another thing, the connection we forge with one another is not built on me giving them things to make them like me. The relationship is built on mutual respect and a mutual attraction to one another.

I just hope to make her happy and hope she will continue to want me around. Children can be quite fickle, but if you make a nice connection with them then they will not forget you.

Some will say “oh you just can’t have a normal relationship with a girl your age!” or “how can you be fulfilled with a child?! You need a partner your age!”

I mean honestly, girls my age leave me feeling kind of empty when it comes to a serious relationship. It’s hard for me to articulate why and that might be merely because that is what my attraction dictates. Imagine those you are attracted to and imagine trying to do the same with one you are not attracted to. It will feel forced, hamfisted and leave you feeling empty.

The other thing is, my political philosophy, economic views and social views are just different from most people’s. I have little interest in talking about such topics with most adult females and males. They are woefully ignorant and it just ends up being frustrating. Oh there are those I can have these discussions with, but they are few and far in between and no, I don’t mean they have to agree with me.

Still, I think that is just me trying to articulate my attractions. I really think it just comes down to that. I am attracted to little girls, thus I like interacting with them. When I try to interact with girls my age, the attraction never goes past sexual, so it feels empty and forced. Politics and philosophy probably has nothing to do with it.

I don’t think I did a good job at all with this post. Rereading it, I failed to capture my feelings. It is god damn magical just spending time with a little girl that likes me. I can’t explain how it feels to see her grin when I walk in and she notices me. To have her plop herself on my lap as if I was her personal chair. When she makes me drawings, when she holds my hand. The feeling of her little fingers intertwined with mine. I get so incredibly offended (and being offended matters a lot to people these days apparently) when people accuse me of just wanting to groom her for sex. It is one of the few insults I just get so mad at.

Still, I will leave it as is. I was once a great writer in high school, my creative writing would be published in the school periodical. I received largely positive remarks. I let my writing rot over the last decade or so sadly. I feel I would have articulated my feelings better back then.

What is to come:

I plan on doing another point by point response post to a video. In particular, the video with Ranthony and Amos Yee, similar to how I did my response to Weebo Jones. I will be responding to points by bothe Amos and Ranthony.

I also plan on doing my post about situations I have been in where little girls tried to initiate sexual play with me (again, that I refused).

A third I plan on doing is a post about the fact that I am going to actively try to lose my virginity with a legal aged female and just in general become more sexually active with legal aged females.

For a fourth, it would be a discussion about all the dangerous activities we allow children to partake in and why sexual activities are much less dangerous when compared to many of those activities overall.

I will randomly do posts responding to articles or comments I have read online. Those will be sprinkled in randomly. Same with topics that happen to be last minute, such as my one about coming out of the toybox.